About Us

Online Marketing that was Created by Volusion Designers

JNG Marketing is a US based company that was created by Volusion experts with the goal of helping businesses of any size, within any industry; deliver products to the online market using one of the leading and fastest-growing e-commerce solution providers in the world. By combining our many years of experience with the innovative technology of Volusion, we are able to provide creative cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

We employ designers and programmers from across the country. By using this networked group of experts, we have developed a business model that allows us to bring you access to specialists, who are leaders in their perspective fields, at affordable prices.

JNG specializes in Volusion customization, excelling in the areas of e-commerce design, implementation, API customization and many other types of programming and support services for Volusion store owners. We chose to specialize in Volusion for some very simple reasons. When you consider Volusion’s robust features, user-friendly functionality, 24- hour tech support, and its highly competitive price, the choice becomes clear.

It may sound as if Volusion has coerced us into promoting their products, but this is not the case. We have utilized all of the major platforms from Big Commerce to Magento, but we always end up back with Volusion because it simply outperforms the competition.

Whether you are starting your first e-commerce venture or you are an experienced online entrepreneur and you are looking to upgrade your website, we provide a one-stop Volusion solution that can help you achieve your goals.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.